Chips and Popcorn and Ice Cream and Salsa and Pizza (Micro)

Ego and Chaos (Micro)

Emoticonnections (Ten Minute)

Five Degrees (Full-length)

Floating on Hope Ave (Full-length)

Frick Frack Knick Knack (Full-length)

Gap Years (Ten Minute)

The Longest Test (Micro)

Nothing Less (Ten Minute)

One Angry Gay Man (Solo)

The Only World I Know (Micro)

A Piece of Fluff (Micro)

Popcorn from Trash Baskets (Full-length)

Six Impossible Things Before Coronavirus (Ten Minute)

Solemn Process (Ten Minute)

Untapped (Ten Minute)

Chips and Popcorn and Ice Cream and Salsa and Pizza

(2 g.n.) Two friends who used to date visit the day after a reality show finale.

Ego and Chaos

(3 g.n.) One artist hesitates to meet another artist who can improve their career. 


(1m, 1f) Two friends who haven't seen each other for over a year get together and discuss what really matters in life: social media.       


Five Degrees 

Five characters (3m, 2f), five ensemble members (2m, 3f). Minimal set. Target actors: ages 18-21. Mature sexual themes; infrequent language

Two pairs of established college roommates and a freshman are followed over one year of college. Their lives are co-mingled as they explore the very nature of connectedness through theatrical analogies. Vinny is an unsure-of-himself actor. His best friend, Adam, is almost a substitute lover. Brad, a cocky gay ingénue, steals Vinny’s heart. Shelley is Vinny’s friend who stays on the periphery but is most attune to what’s going on. Her roommate, Kim, helps the group explore the concept of six degrees of separation. Ensemble members play additional silent background roles and voice-over roles as indicated in the script.

Floating on Hope Ave 

(6m) All of the characters in Floating on Hope Ave are simultaneously seeking and running away from connection. Four stories unfold within the play. Martin’s entire story takes place in one day. Alex and Brian’s story takes place in one week. Caleb and Dean’s story takes place in one month. George’s story takes place in a time span of one year. Both Martin and George break the fourth wall for the entire play. Alex/Brian’s and Caleb/Dean’s contributions are two-person scenes, except for Movement 6. Adult themes. All characters are gay or bisexual men. 

Frick Frack Knick Knack

(3m, 1f) Frick and Frack are both experienced male actors who struggle with where they currently are in their respective artistic careers. Knick is a female who ponders the role anxiety plays in her life. 'Knack' plays multiple roles, switching between them within three of his monologues as well as two other characters. Told through a combination of scenes and monologues, the multiple characters have crossover relationships within themselves and the stories told. 

Gap Years

(3m) Three generations of men in a family cope with a recent loss.

The Longest Test

(2 g.n.) Two strong, yet affectionate personalities grapple with the issues of the day. 

 Nothing Less 

(2m) A four-minute play in which two men meet for a job interview, or so it seems. This play is meant to be performed twice.

 One Angry Gay Man 


(1m)  One Angry Gay Man is a seven-character solo act. The title comes from the character of Reese and his internalized homophobia. Seven stories are told concurrently. Each character has his own story arc, with some more resolved than others by the end of the play. Some characters display characteristics of an angry nature – both explosive and implosive - while at least two are generally happy men.

Jacob – an older actor in training; Charles – an adult child, alcoholic; Derek – dissatisfied, angry; Gordon – stereotypical queen; Reese – a nice guy who plays a role to get by; Clifford – a snob, content with his choices and opinions; William – a sex addict


The Only World I Know

(2 g.n.) Two characters discuss the futility of art during a crisis. One minute play.

A Piece of Fluff

(1f, 2m) A friends helps another meet a new man, to one of them at least.

 Popcorn from Trash Baskets

(18 member ensemble, flexible gender casting) Told through a combination of brief scenes and monologues, Popcorn from Trash Baskets explores the struggles to connect and communicate in our society.  

Six Impossible Things Before Coronavirus

(1m, 1f) A son checks in on his mother during a crisis. 

Solemn Process

(2m) A film director has cast a stage actor for a bit part in his film. This ten-minute comedy focuses on the clash between styles. 


(5 to 26 men) This short play is a comic look at the world of gay apps. The interactions are written as if people were meeting in person. One man faces an ensemble of men, who can be played by any number of men, up to the twenty-five other characters. Sexual language and content.